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Session 1.8f Tutorial: Secure Access - The Right Data at the Right Time

Tuesday, February 22, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Swan Room


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Mr Adam Hovak
Cross Domain Evangelist
Assured Information Security, Inc.

Access to the right data at the right time is essential for key decision makers to keep missions operating successfully. All too often though, the right data is not available. It is either on a different network, secured by controlled access, difficult to find without substantial training or locked away in a vault. Next generation secure access technologies are enabling timely access to the right data with intuitive, seamless user interfaces. Decision makers can now SECURELY access sensitive, proprietary, and even classified data wherever it is to facilitate informed decisions at the right time based on the RIGHT data.
Adam Hovak is an experienced information security professional with over 20 years of design, development and deployment expertise working in cross domain related programs to include access & transfer solutions and transfer filters. His latest role is running the Cross Domain & Virtualization Solutions group at Assured Information Security, Inc. where he’s privileged to be leading a brilliant team charged with building SecureView, an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) program that simplifies classified network deployments using CSfC and a type 1 hypervisor, separating physical networks into discrete virtual machines. AIS is a certified CSfC integrator and is a leading cybersecurity R&D firm in Rome, NY. Adam has a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University and holds a CISSP certification.