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Session 1.7f Update: Solving AUKUS Security and Compliance Challenges with Data-centric Zero Trust Technologies

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Fitzroy Theatre

AUKUS presents an exciting opportunity to Australia, unlocking Defence capability and Industry opportunities. However, regulation of nuclear technology transfer present data security challenges for Defence and Industry. Recent AUKUS developments and supporting legislative instruments have identified the probable governance pathway for setting rules and expectations when managing participant technology transfers. This governance has not been sufficiently defined, at this stage, to provide certainty to Defence and Industry organisations as to how they will operate in a compliant manner. Notwithstanding the uncertainty, compliance requirements are likely to evolve rapidly, and any compliance management capability needs to be able to adapt at a similar pace.
Tony Howell and Daniel Lai of archTIS, an Australian sovereign information security company, will present these challenges and how enterprise-scale Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) can support quickly changing requirements. Specifically, they will:
  • Summarise some of the existing regulations (e.g., ITAR, EAR, DFARS, NIST,) and data security challenges they pose.
  • Identify key enablers to establish an effective compliance and Data-Centric Security regime across Export-controlled tech data transfer and management.
  • Discuss the business and technology challenges in meeting these requirements, especially in complex supply chain scenarios.
  • Review the maturity of data-centric zero trust and the ABAC product landscape and where archTIS fits.


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Mr Tony Howell
Global Chief Architect, Defence And Intelligence

Tony Howell brings extensive domain expertise in information management, security and architecture to the role of archTIS’ Global Chief Architect, Defence and Intelligence. Howell specializes in data-centric capabilities and emergent technologies including ABAC, Cloud, AI, ML and analytics platforms. In his career, he has delivered successful technology outcomes to Australian Government organisations in the Defence, Law Enforcement and Intelligence sectors. His previous roles include Director, Consulting Data Practice and Director, Consulting Data Modernisation Practice at Deloitte, Senior Information System Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Information Systems Architect at Hewlett Packard Australia, and independent consulting engagements with Australian government agencies.
Mr Daniel Lai
Managing Director & CEO

Daniel Lai is the CEO and Managing Director of archTIS. Lai leverages his extensive industry experience implementing organisational change to address the information security challenges government and businesses confront today in a rapidly evolving cyber environment. He has successfully led IT initiatives, including the Security Enterprise Architecture for the Single Information Environment for the Department of Defence, spearheading enterprise change as the National Manager for Service Delivery for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, and restructuring and implementing enterprise ITIL services for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.