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13 - 15 August 2024 | Hotel Realm Canberra  


Glen B. Alleman, MSSM

Masterclass Title

Capability Based Planning - The Benefits and Lessons Learned for Successful Implementation. 

Masterclass Overview 

This masterclass is aimed at providing the latest skills, techniques and lessons learned from the USA to enable improvements in the definition, development and implementation of solutions that achieve mission system, operational or business objectives within time and budgetary constraints, and operational and business demands.Capabilities based planning (CBP) starts starting with the functional analysis of what capabilities are needed to accomplish the mission or fulfill a business, operational, strategic, or tactical  strategy. CBP planning ensures that resources are used optimally to deliver strategic success by accomplishing the mission, operational or business objectives.CBP also aligns the organization's investment, planning, and delivery functions to achieve strategic success.  “Hands on” examples will provide the knowledge and skills and necessary to:

• Plan the delivery of capabilities which achieve mission system, operational or business objectives rather than delivering solutions containing “features and functions”.
• Identify the features and functions needed to implement defined capabilities.
• Provide visibility to the capabilities that will actually fulfil the mission system, operational or business objectives.

Christina Snyder 

Masterclass Title

Assuring Estimates 

Masterclass Overview 

Accurate cost estimates are a crucial piece of the program management process, but how can organizations be confident that the cost estimates used for planning purposes are realistic? This masterclass intends to provide analysts with a practical approach to determine confidence within an estimate review and metrics to apply to the estimating methods and processes. During the session we will step through assuring a reasonable baseline description, confirming estimate traceability, reviewing ground rules and assumptions, validating data, and ensuring fidelity around the risk and uncertainty ranges. By the end of this course, attendees will be able to work through the cost assurance process themselves and understand how to enhance their own estimates.  

Val Jonas

Masterclass Title

Management of Risks in Accelerated Capability 

Masterclass Overview 

Although risk management is something we do naturally in our personal lives, it’s more problematic in a complex project and business environment. Senior managers need to know what could impact strategic objectives, but identifying, managing and mitigating a meaningful enterprise-wide set of risks is more challenging. Risk data needs to be structured for efficient management at the local (tactical) level, with effective visibility and escalation routes to inform the strategic risk position. Ultimately, success depends on the ability to make timely decisions across the organisation, using quality real-time data. This masterclass presents a structured approach to identifying, escalating and reporting risk to support those crucial risk-based decisions across your organisation.

Workshop objectives

The primary objective of this masterclass are to enable people at all levels of a business to understand their role in supporting enterprise wide risk management. This will enable your business to achieve an integrated, coordinated and consistent approach to risk, align with project controls, optimise programme benefits, and support portfolio and organisational strategic objectives.


A structured approach to risk identification from tactical to strategic level including:

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Understanding and setting risk appetite and tolerance
  • Risk escalation, monitoring and reporting
  • Using risk to support innovation and manage change
  • Sustaining risk engagement within and across teams

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